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Premiere of "Joana Mallwitz - Momentum"

The portrait film “Joana Mallwitz - Momentum” celebrated its premiere on 05.05.2024 at Dok.fest Munich.

Ysabel Fantou on the movie: “I've always tried to ignore this issue, but after 15 or 16 years in the profession, it's still there.” Joana Mallwitz doesn't like to be asked about the fact that she holds her own as a conductor in a male domain. Despite her rather introverted nature, she finds it much more interesting to stand in front of large orchestras in huge concert halls and convey her meticulously prepared vision. Her schedule is full, the pressure is high and without perfect coordination with her husband, the workload would be impossible to manage. It is almost impossible to arrange a coffee date with her boyfriend Igor Levit. This captivating music film follows the unusual sound artist closely over the course of two years, right up until she joins the Konzerthausorchester in Berlin.